003: IN THE KITCHEN - Ratatouille

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About this Episode

IN THE KITCHEN - In their first ITK episode, Chris and Phil take a stab at ratatouille. Spoiler alert, someone gets hurt, and it's not a rat named Remy.

Episode Links

  • Recipe for Ratatouille — Here's a link to the recipe we used.
  • CSA Shares — Chris mentions his CSA Share (Community Supported Agriculture), which is a super rad way to get your produce. Read about them here.
  • Victory Gardens — Phil mentions Victory Gardens and how they were used during the WWII to boost morale for the country as well as provide produce for famished communities.
  • Top and Tail — Chris mentions a method to cut produce called 'Topping and Tailing.'
  • Ratatouille: The Movie — Quite possibly the greatest movie ever made.
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  • Facebook — We want to hear your stories of making Ratatouille!