019: GETTING SAUCED, PART 2 - Hollandaise


December 17th, 2020

20 mins 18 secs

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About this Episode

In Part 2 of their saucy mini-series, Chris and Phil discuss a classic hollandaise—how it's made, what it's used for, and why pork keeps winning the perfect pairing game of eggs benedict.

Episode Links

  • Back to Work — We though we'd throw some props to some of our favorite podcasts that have both inspired and entertained us. This one, hosted by Dan Benjamin and Merlin Mann, is a special one because Dan Benjamin also owns the platform where Dad's Kitchen is hosted, Fireside.fm. Thanks Dan!
  • Beyond the Grid — A show about Formula 1 Racing, a longtime favorite of Chris' and a newfound hobby of Phil's. Also, how about that Daniel Ricciardo? Vroom vroom!
  • The Dave Chang Show — I mean you can't have a food podcast without loving a food podcast. Dave Chang we heart you.
  • Typology — Virtual high fives for the person that can guess our Enneagram Types. Send us DMs on Insta @dadskitchenco
  • Planetary Radio — A super galactic podcast about aliens and the universe in which they let us live.
  • Armchair Expert — If you don't love Dax Shepard we cannot, and we mean this with every fabric of my being, be friends.
  • Stuff You Should Know — We'd let Josh and Chuck take us out to dinner. Just sayin.
  • How I Built This — An absolute must. You know, besides Dad's Kitchen.
  • Four by Brother Luck — We try to link as many restaurants as possible on the show, especially during COVID. Here's the one Chris mentioned that had a rockin' Eggs Benedict and Pork Belly. Incredible.
  • Snooze — This place slays. Cartoons play continuously on the TVs. Plus their mimosas will basically make you fall over. So yeah, great place.